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Why it’s critical for the U.S. to position itself as the leader in generative AI

The Special Competitive Studies Project, which has continued the work of the now-dissolved National Security Commission on AI, issued its latest report this week on generative AI and its impact on the global competitive landscape. That report states, among other things, that recent advancements in AI come as transformations in geopolitical structuring resemble those of the days leading up to World War I. And because of that, “This moment provides the United States government with a unique opportunity to lead with conviction as humanity enters a new era.”

Ylli Bajraktari is the CEO and President of the Special Competitive Studies Project, and he joins the DefenseScoop Podcast to discuss the major takeaways from SCSP’s new report and the stakes at play for the U.S. as it looks to embrace AI for defense, national security and more.

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