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featured_excerpt: Featuring some of the biggest storylines in the defense tech space, this special package is emblematic of what you can come to expect from DefenseScoop.

Welcome to DefenseScoop.

We at Scoop News Group are thrilled to unveil this new publication that we have been developing for the past several years, building off of more than a dozen years covering the Defense Department on our other publications.

There are many defense publications in the greater news media world, and some cover tech and innovation. But none are dedicated solely to the U.S. military’s acquisition, development and use of technology as a force for modern defense. And that’s what we intend to accomplish with DefenseScoop.

From IT innovators across the ranks of the U.S. military to the senior political leaders and decision-makers in the Pentagon, DefenseScoop will serve the defense community as a trusted broker of ideas, information and expertise underscoring the growing importance of modern, digital technologies to the United States’ competitive advantage.

“The defense community has always been of great importance to Scoop New Group. Over the past 14 years, our team has built long-standing friendships and relationships with leaders of the defense community and its supporting industrial base. We have covered the military services and defense agencies extensively on FedScoop and hosted countless events featuring the most influential leaders from the defense community, giving them a platform to share stories of how they’re transforming the defense of our nation,” said Goldy Kamali, Founder and CEO of Scoop News Group. “Through all of these experiences, we realized that there was an incredible amount of innovation happening in the defense tech community — so much that it was deserving of its own publication. After three years of preparation, we are delighted to launch DefenseScoop, the only defense publication in the country focused solely on innovation and technology.”

To support DefenseScoop, Scoop News Group has established a team of seasoned defense tech journalists — including managing editor Jon Harper and defense reporters Brandi Vincent and Mark Pomerleau — to drive its expanded coverage of digital transformation, innovation and advanced tech in the defense space. Billy Mitchell, the editor in chief of sister publication FedScoop, will lead the DefenseScoop team in that same role.

To give you a glimpse into the storylines the DefenseScoop team feels are essential to the U.S. military’s evolution as a technology-driven force, we have prepared a special launch report featuring a variety of trends and issues in this space. From Joint All-Domain Command and Control and the latest on the Pentagon’s controversial Project Maven to U.S. Cyber Command’s warfighting platform and the “Fix Our Computers” saga, these stories are emblematic of what you can come to expect from DefenseScoop.

Thank you so much for your support — we are thrilled to go on this journey with you!