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Army acquisition chief sees autonomy, system hardening as key to overcoming comms challenges in future drone wars


The official says developing hardened platforms with greater autonomy will be critical as drones and counter-drone systems become more ubiquitous.

Army to explore predictive analytics and autonomous systems for Indo-Pacific logistics


The Indo-Pacific “is the most demanding theater” for the military currently, according to Secretary Wormuth.

Air Force eyeing potential allied contributions of robotic wingmen


Chief of Staff Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown sees unmanned collaborative combat aircraft as the wave of the future.

Point of Origin: What Comes Next in a World of Advanced Tech Gone Global?

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This "useful fiction" story by the authors of Ghost Fleet and Burn-In helps readers visualize how new unmanned technologies, and especially their proliferation to a wide array of state and non-state actors, could lead to both new threats and complicate our understanding of fast-moving crisis scenarios.

Air Force sees opportunities to scale production of drones, software for wars of attrition


Ramping up production and deployment of new autonomous systems and software could be one of the few acquisition options available to the Defense Department to preserve the force and replace combat losses during a future war of attrition, according to a top service official. There has long been concern about the capacity of the Pentagon and defense industrial base to produce platforms and regenerate other capabilities at a rate that…

Spacecom leader lays out wish list for DARPA-led innovation


Space domain awareness, autonomous systems, and maneuver and logistics capabilities are at the top of U.S. Space Command’s wish list for new innovative tech from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, according to its Deputy Commander Lt. Gen. John Shaw.  Speaking about the need for better domain awareness, Shaw referred to a “tyranny of volume,” noting that the command is focused on the entire area of space encompassed by Earth’s…

Senators propose big boost in funding to upgrade DOD’s test ranges


New legislation calls for spending more than $1.8 billion in the next fiscal year to improve the Pentagon’s infrastructure for developing and testing new and emerging technologies. Congress allocated $798 million in fiscal 2022 to the Defense Department’s lab and test range modernization activities focused on space systems, the electromagnetic spectrum, hypersonics, directed energy, and targets. And for fiscal 2023, the Pentagon had requested $1.26 billion for “strategic test infrastructure…

Pentagon working with allies on secretive autonomous drone project


The Department of Defense is working with allies on a highly classified project to demonstrate the capabilities of artificial intelligence-enabled drones that are designed to operate in highly contested environments. Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Heidi Shyu offered a few details about the secretive effort on Wednesday “There’s so much stuff going on … [with] AI and autonomy in particular,” Shyu said at the Special Operations Forces Industry…

Air Force positions autonomous drones, networked weapon systems as top priorities


The Air Force is asking Congress for more than $100 million in additional R&D funding for autonomous drones and networked weapon systems as the Pentagon pursues more cost-effective ways to match up against China. The technology is a top priority for Air Force leaders as they look toward the future operating environment and fiscal constraints that will limit the number of manned planes that the service can buy for Next-Generation…