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Pentagon identifies early focus areas for autonomous weapons policy update


Pentagon officials will be focusing on outdated review processes and accounting for new artificial intelligence initiatives as they begin to revamp the overarching policy that governs the military’s procurement and use of autonomous weapons that can perform certain functions without human control.  It’s been about a month since the Defense Department’s first-ever Director of Emerging Capabilities Policy Michael Horowitz started hinting that DOD’s Directive 3000.09 was in for an update.…

Pentagon’s autonomous weapon rules might be in for a revamp


The Pentagon’s governance of autonomous weapon systems could be poised for a refresh.  This year marks a decade since the adoption of the Department of Defense Directive 3000.09, which establishes definitions and a policy framework for making and procuring weapons with autonomous features — or those that allow for functions without human control. A lot has changed since its release, so now, senior officials are considering updates to better suit…

Air Force positions autonomous drones, networked weapon systems as top priorities


The Air Force is asking Congress for more than $100 million in additional R&D funding for autonomous drones and networked weapon systems as the Pentagon pursues more cost-effective ways to match up against China. The technology is a top priority for Air Force leaders as they look toward the future operating environment and fiscal constraints that will limit the number of manned planes that the service can buy for Next-Generation…