Army inks unique R&D agreement with consortium on advanced weapons development


An Army Futures Command component tasked with driving research and engineering of high-tech weapons formally agreed to collaborate with a growing consortium of nearly 1,000 companies and universities to advance armaments development. The initial focus will be on making integrated circuit chips customized for tri-service munitions. Cooperative research and development agreements (CRADAs) are vehicles that enable federal entities to combine resources and engage in R&D with non-government institutions to unlock…

Navy, Microsoft team up to figure out 'what’s possible’ with emerging tech


The Naval Postgraduate School is formally partnering with Microsoft to jointly explore how cloud services, edge computing and other emerging technologies can be more rapidly adopted and integrated for modern national security missions. Engineers from the company will work shoulder-to-shoulder with students and researchers from the NPS to evolve commercial capabilities intended to help solve complex operational challenges increasingly faced by U.S. military forces — all via a new Cooperative…