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White House launches plan to safeguard US infrastructure against quantum computers of the future


The Biden administration announced plans to sign a new policy directive to help jumpstart what will likely be a long and complex process to secure the United States’ information technology infrastructure against in-the-making quantum supercomputers. Though a fully operational quantum-driven computing machine is yet to exist, a number of nations and major companies are hustling to bring one completely into fruition. Once functioning, such an advanced system is anticipated to…

Federal court denies CACI bid protest over $774M encryption tech contract


A judge at the Court of Federal Claims denied a bid protest brought by CACI after the Army decided not to award the company a $774M contract for battlefield encryption technology. According to court documents, the Army rejected the company’s proposal because of design flaws, including not having enough USB ports, and because of concerns that the award might violate conflict of interest rules for federal acquisitions. CACI in September…