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New DOD Chief Digital and AI Office to start work by Feb. 1


The Department of Defense’s new top artificial intelligence office will reach initial operational capability February 1, the Navy’s chief data officer said Wednesday. The new chief digital and AI officer will oversee the DOD’s chief data officer, Joint Artificial Intelligence Center and Defense Digital Service and serve as an integrator for their efforts. Navy CDO Tom Sasala said that the new office will help the DOD push forward on data…

DOD platform made for financial data finds battlefield use


A Department of Defense data platform created to help track financial and management data is now being used as a platform to pass critical information to commanders on the battlefield. The DOD’s Advana platform was used in Norther Command’s Global Information Dominance Experiments (GIDEs) that tested the military’s ability to track and respond to complex incoming threats through data. It was a part of testing the new Joint All Domain…