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Space Force trying to protect its 'soft underbelly'


The U.S. military faces a variety of threats to its satellite systems, but the Space Force’s “soft underbelly” is cyber, a top official said Monday. Cyberattacks could threaten on-orbit capabilities and the ground systems that support them, which are critical for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), communications, and positioning, navigation and timing. Making U.S. systems secure is a top priority, noted Lt Gen. Stephen Whiting, head of Space Operations Command…

China, Russia may soon field more capable counterspace weapons, DIA says


Beijing and Moscow in the coming years will likely deploy more capable lasers, missiles and other counterspace weapons that could be used to disrupt or destroy satellites that the U.S. military depends on, according to a new Defense Intelligence Agency report released Tuesday. The Pentagon views space as a likely battleground in any future great power war in which counterspace weapons would pose a threat to DOD satellites that are…