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Pentagon's departing DIU director reflects on his legacy — and what's next


Among multiple items he’s prioritizing as his tenure leading the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit comes to a close, Mike Brown says he’s being deliberate about advising others. “Whatever I can do in my last weeks to help the service members — making sure their performance reviews are done, whatever we can do for promotion boards, any assistance I can provide people given my commercial experience my whole career in Silicon…

Former DIU leader gets seat on commission examining military budget


A congressionally mandated commission investigating how the military plans and executes its budget will include the former head of the Defense Innovation Unit, Raj Shah. Shah and other appointees have been critical of the military’s two-year budgeting cycle, which can delay innovative startups from entering the defense market. Shah’s background, as a startup founder and Air National Guard F-16 pilot, bridges both Silicon Valley and national security. “Now is the…