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Defense innovation experts urge US to get organized in tech competition with China


A new report from the Special Competitive Studies Project expresses a sense of urgency for the U.S. to develop a tech-centered strategy in the near term to ultimately achieve competitive advantage in the next era. 

New digital and AI chief commits to helping solve the Pentagon’s ‘software problem'


The Pentagon’s first permanent chief digital and artificial intelligence officer (CDAO) agreed to deliberately confront the complex software development and implementation challenges plaguing the massive defense enterprise during his early days on the job. In one of his first public speaking engagements since leaving his Silicon Valley-based role leading machine learning at Lyft to steer this new Defense Department office, CDAO Craig Martell asked Eric Schmidt for feedback on some…

DOD doesn't have what it needs for 'software supremacy,' Eric Schmidt says


The military conflicts of tomorrow will be driven in large part by technologies like artificial intelligence, but the Department of Defense doesn’t yet have the talent and innovative mindset to achieve the “software supremacy” needed to compete with global powers like China, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said recently. “Why is software so important? Because the next battles will be fought based on software supremacy. They really will be,” said…