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Fleet Cyber Command creates Operation Cyber Dragon to mitigate vulnerabilities in Navy networks


The Navy has kicked off a repeatable operation aimed at mitigating vulnerabilities on its networks. Operation Cyber Dragon, which began in March, is focused on identifying and mitigating the attack surface and vulnerabilities of commercial cloud-hosted and externally facing assets over time, Sandy Radesky, Fleet Cyber Command/10th Fleet deputy chief information officer, told FedScoop in a recent interview. While the Navy does have specialists and services that focus on routine…

Fleet Cyber Command will soon get a new deputy commander


Fleet Cyber Command/10th Fleet will soon get a new deputy commander, according to a Pentagon announcement. Rear Adm. Michael Bernacchi Jr., who is currently the director for plans and policy at U.S. Space Command, will take over as the deputy commander for the Navy’s main cyber and space arm. Fleet Cyber Command is also “dual-hatted” as the Navy’s component to Space Command. Its leader recently discussed the importance of more…

As threats increase, combatant commands want more cyber support and integration


As technology becomes more ubiquitous across the military, combatant commands must pay more attention to individual cyberthreat actors rather than just the sophisticated nation-state actors and even terrorist groups, a top Navy cyber commander said. “For small investment, somebody that is properly motivated and intellectually inclined can become an adversary, a competitor, for small amount of money, for small amount of investment in cyber, whereas that’s not the case if…