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New Marine Corps information command seeks to better link theater forces to the joint force


A forthcoming command announced by the commandant of the Marine Corps aims to more tightly link the service’s information forces in theater with the broader joint force across the globe. The Corps intends to create a Marine Corps Information Command (MCIC), according to the annual update to Gen. David Berger’s Force Design 2030, released Monday. Given the global nature of the information environment, the Corps believes it will need to…

Marine Corps commandant gung-ho about loitering munitions


The Marine Corps’ top officer sees loitering munitions as a key capability for the future force as the military service aims to boost the lethality and reconnaissance capabilities of its small units. Loitering munitions, also known as kamikaze drones or suicide drones, are primarily designed to go on one-way missions where they fly around until they find a target and then crash into it to destroy it. Equipped with sensors,…

Marines to create new information command to support Force Design 2030


The commandant of the Marine Corps wants to create a new command focused on improving information operations, and he is directing officials to develop options for doing so. The guidance was included in the annual update to Gen. David Berger’s controversial vision for transforming the Corps known as Force Design 2030, released Monday. “We believe that in a conflict with a peer adversary, first moves may be in space and…