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Next phase of Army EW planning tool to focus on GPS denied environments


AUGUSTA, Ga. — The next phase of an Army electronic warfare tool to help visualize and plan operations in the invisible electromagnetic spectrum will focus on resilience in GPS denied environments. Described by officials as the glue holding all EW capabilities on the battlefield together, the Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool (EWPMT) is a command-and-control planning capability that allows forces to visualize the potential effects of electronic warfare on…

Watchdog dings Defense Department’s alternative PNT programs for incomplete business cases


The Pentagon doesn’t have a full business case for several important programs it’s pursuing to develop alternative precision navigation and timing (PNT) capabilities, a government watchdog noted in a new report, saying that could lead to trouble down the road. The U.S. military and civilians alike rely on GPS for navigation and other tasks, but the satellites, ground control stations and receivers that underpin it are vulnerable to enemy attack.…

Air Force Research Lab to conduct more than 100 experiments with new navigation satellite


The Pentagon’s experimental satellite for positioning, navigation and timing will be used to conduct more than 100 experiments after it is launched next year, the commander of the Air Force Research Lab said Thursday. The project has been designated a Vanguard program, making it a top science and technology priority for AFRL aimed at delivering game-changing capabilities for the U.S. military. The Navigation Technology Satellite-3 (NTS-3) initiative comes at a…