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Converged infrastructure and standards are critical for JADC2, says Ciena


James Westdorp, chief technologist for Ciena Government Solutions, shares his insights on what will be key in the future of JADC2 capabilities. First, he says it’s imperative to have a converged infrastructure that will allow leaders to separate missions when needed but allow leaders to communicate seamlessly. Secondly, Westdorp also stresses that interoperability and standards will be essential—and being specific to which ones.

NATO refining domain-specific 'family of plans' to guide allies' cooperation in future contingencies


The plans will improve the alliance's ability to respond to any contingency and to ensure timely reinforcement, according to NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe.

‘A lot of work’ still required to enable 5G integration for U.S. military


The Department of Defense has ambitious plans to leverage 5G communications technology for a wide variety of use cases to include back-office functions, logistics, training and warfighting. However, a great deal of work remains to be done by government and industry to ensure those systems and networks will be secure and interoperable when they are deployed, according to a top National Security Agency official. The Pentagon has a number of…