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Biden, visiting Javelin missile factory, urges Congress to pass CHIPS semiconductor funding


President Biden on Tuesday visited a weapons factory where he urged lawmakers to come together and pass the CHIPS for America Act to boost domestic production of semiconductors that are critical for U.S. military systems and a wide variety of commercial products. The Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors (CHIPS) legislation would invest more than $50 billion to bolster American semiconductor production, but Congress has yet to pass it as…

Biden sending new drones to Ukraine


The United States will send additional tactical drones to Ukraine to aid in the nation’s fight against Russia, President Biden announced Thursday. The unmanned aerial vehicles are part of a new $800 million security assistance package that includes other military equipment such as heavy artillery, dozens of howitzers, and 144,000 rounds of ammunition. More than 120 Phoenix Ghost tactical UAVs will be part of the package, according to a Pentagon…