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Ongoing bug-bounty pilot pinpoints many vulnerabilities in DOD’s cyberspace


White-hat hackers in the U.S. and overseas are uncovering potentially serious vulnerabilities in the Defense Department’s cyber assets through a bug bounty program, with an $110,000 pool that cybersecurity company HackerOne and several Pentagon components are hosting between July 4 and 11. The initiative — known as Hack U.S. — is enabling the DOD to experiment with paid public incentives in its vulnerability disclosure program (VDP) to see if such…

From Afghanistan to Ukraine, Pentagon applies tech-centered takeaways amid modern crises


Senior officials in the Pentagon’s new Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO) are compiling a federated data catalog, rethinking tech infrastructure and deepening external collaborations for data-sharing based on lessons they’re gathering from recent, unfolding crises. Multiple Defense Department components recently merged together to form the CDAO and ultimately help accelerate the adoption and widespread integration of data- and AI-driven capabilities across the enterprise. As they hash out their…