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Experts see challenges, opportunities for restricting Chinese military access to AI chips


China’s People’s Liberation Army is leveraging American-designed semiconductors to enhance its artificial intelligence capabilities, which could play a key role in a future war against the United States and its allies. Limiting the Chinese military’s access to AI chips will be difficult, but new approaches could help mitigate the problem, analysts say. The cutting-edge technology includes integrated circuits capable of processing computationally demanding artificial intelligence systems, according to a new…

Biden sending new drones to Ukraine


The United States will send additional tactical drones to Ukraine to aid in the nation’s fight against Russia, President Biden announced Thursday. The unmanned aerial vehicles are part of a new $800 million security assistance package that includes other military equipment such as heavy artillery, dozens of howitzers, and 144,000 rounds of ammunition. More than 120 Phoenix Ghost tactical UAVs will be part of the package, according to a Pentagon…