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Marines to embed at Army Software Factory


The Marine Corps plans to send some of its tech savvy troops to the Army’s Software Factory in Austin, Texas, to hone their coding skills. The move is part of the Corps’ plan to develop a more “AI aware workforce,” according to Brig. Gen. Joseph Matos, director of information, command, control, communications and computers (IC4). The software factory, located near Army Futures Command headquarters, was stood up last year in…

Marines to establish new drone squadron in Hawaii to counter China


The Marine Corps aims to set up a new squadron of MQ-9 Reaper drones in Hawaii for the explicit purpose of keeping a sharper and more persistent eye on China, Commandant Gen. David Berger told lawmakers Thursday. These lethal, long-endurance, remotely-piloted aircraft — manufactured by General Atomics — have been used extensively by the Air Force to support overseas contingency operations and counterterrorism efforts during the post-9/11 wars.  Marines have…