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Marines to embed at Army Software Factory


The Marine Corps plans to send some of its tech savvy troops to the Army’s Software Factory in Austin, Texas, to hone their coding skills. The move is part of the Corps’ plan to develop a more “AI aware workforce,” according to Brig. Gen. Joseph Matos, director of information, command, control, communications and computers (IC4). The software factory, located near Army Futures Command headquarters, was stood up last year in…

Navy, Microsoft team up to figure out 'what’s possible’ with emerging tech


The Naval Postgraduate School is formally partnering with Microsoft to jointly explore how cloud services, edge computing and other emerging technologies can be more rapidly adopted and integrated for modern national security missions. Engineers from the company will work shoulder-to-shoulder with students and researchers from the NPS to evolve commercial capabilities intended to help solve complex operational challenges increasingly faced by U.S. military forces — all via a new Cooperative…