Combatant commander tasked with homeland defense warns of shortage of AI capabilities


U.S. Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command don’t have sufficient artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, the dual-hatted chief of both organizations warned Monday. The Pentagon is pursuing new space-based sensors, communications systems and other capabilities to improve situational awareness. But it needs AI to better crunch and share the data it collects. “This year’s budget, I think, moves the ball down the field with regards to domain…

DOD platform made for financial data finds battlefield use


A Department of Defense data platform created to help track financial and management data is now being used as a platform to pass critical information to commanders on the battlefield. The DOD’s Advana platform was used in Norther Command’s Global Information Dominance Experiments (GIDEs) that tested the military’s ability to track and respond to complex incoming threats through data. It was a part of testing the new Joint All Domain…