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Spacecom leader lays out wish list for DARPA-led innovation


Space domain awareness, autonomous systems, and maneuver and logistics capabilities are at the top of U.S. Space Command’s wish list for new innovative tech from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, according to its Deputy Commander Lt. Gen. John Shaw.  Speaking about the need for better domain awareness, Shaw referred to a “tyranny of volume,” noting that the command is focused on the entire area of space encompassed by Earth’s…

New $1B NATO innovation fund will back wide range of emerging tech


NATO leaders on Thursday officially launched a $1 billion innovation fund that will invest in companies working on a slew of dual-use technologies with great military potential. Billed as the world’s first “multi-sovereign” venture capital fund involving 22 nations, it is intended to make long-term investments in startups and other entities developing emerging technologies that the alliance is interested in including artificial intelligence, autonomy, big-data processing, quantum-enabled technologies, biotechnology and…