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Army moving out on global classified network modernization


The Army will soon be releasing request for proposals to create a global SIPRNet.

DISA expanding Thunderdome cybersecurity project to include classified network


The Defense Information Systems Agency is extending a high-priority cybersecurity prototyping effort by six months so that it can include the Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet). Bringing the classified network into the Thunderdome initiative — which is aimed at helping the Department of Defense move toward a zero trust architecture — is a major evolution for the program. “The six-month extension is essential to allow DISA additional time to…

For resiliency, the Army may look to rely more on commercial systems than SIPRNet, NIPRNet


The Army’s top IT official on Wednesday questioned the utility of the service’s current classified and unclassified network configurations and instead pointed to the possibility of relying on commercial systems that could be more resilient in future conflicts against sophisticated adversaries. Adversaries will contest U.S. forces unlike ever before, straining the network and making it harder for data to be passed back and forth and accessed at the right time,…