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SDA has big plans for a new app factory to aid battle management


The Space Development Agency recently released a draft solicitation for the Battle Management Command, Control, and Communications (BMC3) Application Factory.

DOD gets new chief software officer


Rob Vietmeyer is the new chief software officer within the DOD CIO's information enterprise division.

Software-defined warfare: Architecting the DOD’s transition to the digital age

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In this exclusive op-ed, retired Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan and Nand Mulchandani share why the U.S. military needs a new design and architecture, based on technology, to retain its dominance.

Army to launch new algorithm-focused program in 2024 to support TITAN initiative


The Army plans to create a new technology “pipeline” for artificial intelligence and machine learning to aid the service’s TITAN program.

Pentagon may take a page out of Tesla’s playbook and run AI in ‘shadow mode’


In its pursuit of trusted artificial intelligence and autonomy, the Defense Department is looking at running additional algorithms on its platforms to test and monitor performance, as Tesla has done with its self-driving cars.

Officials hope software factory for Air Force cyber operations squadron could be a retention and recruiting boon


The 90th Cyberspace Operations Squadron is opening up a facility in a corporate space in downtown San Antonio, moving outside the traditionally classified facilities.

Navy working to prevent unmanned shipbuilders from monopolizing software integration


The sea service is also keeping an eye on industry to try to prevent shipbuilders from having too much influence over the software and AI integration market for those types of platforms, according to Adm. Michael Gilday.

Air Force sees opportunities to scale production of drones, software for wars of attrition


Ramping up production and deployment of new autonomous systems and software could be one of the few acquisition options available to the Defense Department to preserve the force and replace combat losses during a future war of attrition, according to a top service official. There has long been concern about the capacity of the Pentagon and defense industrial base to produce platforms and regenerate other capabilities at a rate that…

Opinion: Defense software requires infrastructure too


Aircraft carriers make awesome TV — enormous floating metal platforms, with jets accelerating loudly off their decks into the sky, flaring molten orange trails from their afterburners. But software “platforms” that keep a carrier battle group functioning, linking sensors across air, land, sea and space to protect our military personnel? Not so sexy. Software and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms may not have been designed for network news, but software is…