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Marine Corps commandant gung-ho about loitering munitions


The Marine Corps’ top officer sees loitering munitions as a key capability for the future force as the military service aims to boost the lethality and reconnaissance capabilities of its small units. Loitering munitions, also known as kamikaze drones or suicide drones, are primarily designed to go on one-way missions where they fly around until they find a target and then crash into it to destroy it. Equipped with sensors,…

Biden sending new drones to Ukraine


The United States will send additional tactical drones to Ukraine to aid in the nation’s fight against Russia, President Biden announced Thursday. The unmanned aerial vehicles are part of a new $800 million security assistance package that includes other military equipment such as heavy artillery, dozens of howitzers, and 144,000 rounds of ammunition. More than 120 Phoenix Ghost tactical UAVs will be part of the package, according to a Pentagon…