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Army to launch new algorithm-focused program in 2024 to support TITAN initiative


The Army plans to create a new technology “pipeline” for artificial intelligence and machine learning to aid the service’s TITAN program.

Army looking at 'payload agnostic' EW capabilities as it modernizes its architecture


AUGUSTA, Ga. — As the Army looks to rebuild its electronic warfare arsenal, it is developing a battlefield architecture taking a largely agnostic approach to platforms and payloads to maximize warfighter effectiveness in various theaters against a variety of threats. At the end of the Cold War, the Army divested much of its EW inventory. During the counterinsurgency fights of the last 20 years, the Army used blunt jamming tools…

Companies focusing on modular designs for final phase of Army's TITAN program


With the final stage set for the Army to choose one of two contractors for its next-generation ground system to collect and disseminate sensor data, both companies are trying to develop a system that will be adaptable in a highly dynamic and unpredictable multi-domain environment of the future. The Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN) is considered a critical modernization component for the Army’s multi-domain operations (MDO) concept because it…