DOD intensifying search for new tech to defeat kamikaze drones


The DOD is about to release a white paper asking industry for new ideas for countering adversaries’ kamikaze drones. That outreach will be followed by a technology demonstration later this fiscal year.

Special Operations Command looking to ditch some of its drones, buy new ISR capabilities


Special Operations Command wants better intelligence collection and intel fusion capabilities, and officials plan to take a hard look at their drone portfolio to determine which systems are no longer needed. SOCOM acquired a slew of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to meet requirements for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But some of those might no longer be needed as the command pivots to new technologies and great power competition…

Task Force 59: The future of the Navy's unmanned systems or a one-off win?


The Navy faces a predicament: As threats grow in open waters across the globe — especially in the areas like the Indo-Pacific and the Middle East — the service is trying to build a future where it can keep its eyes open to those threats while working with a possibly shrinking budget. How does the Navy plan to keep watch for everything from hostile Iranian drones to an aggressive Chinese…