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Cyber Command now building a warfighting platform, not just a capability architecture


Just like the Army needs tanks and the Air Force needs planes, cyber troops need their own platforms separate from the NSA.

Cyber Command looking to bolster acquisition office as it prepares to handle $3B annually


Poised to gain “enhanced budget authority” in 2024, U.S. Cyber Command is looking to bolster its acquisition and procurement prowess to include hiring new personnel and maturing its main technology arm to handle its additional funding. “I need to build an organization that’s growing from $75 million a year to figure out how we posture to enable $3 billion a year,” Michael Clark, the director of Cybercon’s J9 acquisition and…

GAO: Cyber Command lacks metrics for assessing its weapons and platforms


Despite some progress in maturing its architecture for guiding major purchases of platforms, U.S. Cyber Command still has not developed an outcome-based metric to support assessments of programs and staffing issues for acquisitions, according to a Government Accountability Office report released Wednesday. The Senate mandated study, titled “Defense Acquisitions: Cyber Command Needs to Develop Metrics to Assess Warfighting Capabilities,” is the second such GAO assessment of Cybercom’s Joint Cyber Warfighting…