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Upcoming SOFWERX event to tackle challenges associated with omnipresent sensor networks


SOFWERX — an innovation hub focused on solving U.S. Special Operations Command’s toughest problems — is organizing an “innovation foundry” event to brainstorm the tools commandos will need in the future to conduct missions in environments where sensors are everywhere. The confab, named IF11, will bring together U.S. and international Special Operations Forces (SOF), government officials, industry, academia and futurists to think through scenarios that the world’s most elite warfighters…

Special Operations Command trying to prepare for quantum computing threat


U.S. Special Operations Command is worried about the future threat from adversaries’ quantum technologies, and officials are trying to get out ahead of the problem. Improving intelligence fusion through real-time data integration is a key pillar of SOCOM’s plans for digital transformation. That data must not only be gathered, fused and transferred to the appropriate end users; it also has to be secured — a challenge that will grow with…

Special Operations Command looking to ditch some of its drones, buy new ISR capabilities


Special Operations Command wants better intelligence collection and intel fusion capabilities, and officials plan to take a hard look at their drone portfolio to determine which systems are no longer needed. SOCOM acquired a slew of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to meet requirements for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But some of those might no longer be needed as the command pivots to new technologies and great power competition…