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Leveraging data for national security

Data is a critical asset to our national security. However, this shift towards a data-driven approach has its challenges. To explore this topic and understand how the Department of the Air Force is shifting towards more data-driven outcomes, DefenseScoop was joined by Andrew D’Ippolito, director of global defense programs at Iron Bow Technologies, who has 28 years of experience in the service. He recognizes data as a critical asset and outlines the mission to transform massive datasets into actionable insights, ultimately improving decision-making.

“So ABMS (Advanced Battle Management System) is predicated on the Department of the Air Force’s ability to leverage data and speed better; it allows you to transform vast amounts of data…and you have to detect meaningful patterns and draw actionable insights to improve decision making, both in speed and accuracy. So, it’s predicated on decision advantage and allows you to dictate the order of ballot.”

D’Ippolito explains how industry partners can support DOD by understanding and aligning with their priorities—collaboration is crucial. Industry partners can help the DOD achieve its objectives effectively by working as mission partners. Technologies like hybrid-cloud solutions play a significant role in supporting these goals and achieving mission effects for critical decision-making with speed and accuracy.

“We’re very focused on being a mission-driven partner. And what does that mean? That means the most important thing is understanding the customer or the warfighter’s priorities. So, our focus is to be agnostic. All solutions may not fit at this time, but to bring together the solutions using a vast array of OEMs in size or system integrators right to bring in the best solution to support that customer,” he says.

Learn more about how Iron Bow empowers the warfighter and collaborates with strategic partners like Dell Technologies to do so.

This video interview was produced by Scoop News Group for DefenseScoop and was underwritten by Iron Bow Technologies.