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Cyber Ready: Modernizing the Department of the Navy's cybersecurity approach


In an exclusive op-ed, Department of the Navy CIO Aaron Weis shares how he's working to modernize the service's cybersecurity.

DOD wants JADC2; service members still want working computers


Nearly eight months after the "Fix Our Computers" letter went viral, DefenseScoop checks in on what's happened since.

After calls to 'fix our computers,' military CIOs pledge to get it right


CIOs across the Department of Defense have heeded the widely circulated complaints of defense personnel, who took to social media platforms in recent weeks calling on senior leaders to “fix our computers.” “The DoD and Military Department CIOs have taken the dialogue around the need to ‘fix our computers’ at DoD to heart,” reads a brief note posted on LinkedIn Friday, signed jointly by DOD CIO John Sherman and Kelly Fletcher,…