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DOD counting on 'depth of support' from defense industrial base to keep up with evolving warfare


Since Russia invaded Ukraine early this year, Defense Department leaders are starting to think differently about the development of capabilities for current and future wars.

Pentagon acquisition chief sees ‘lots of different options’ for procuring kamikaze drones


The DOD's top weapons buyer doesn't see supply chain issues or industrial base shortfalls when it comes to loitering munitions.

Pentagon's R&E enterprise confronts emerging tech manufacturability gaps


The Pentagon’s research and engineering directorate is investigating manufacturing challenges that are affecting the defense industrial base and hindering its ability to deploy capabilities aligned with the technology areas that have been deemed most critical to ensuring national security in the years ahead. Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Heidi Shyu unveiled her 14 highest-priority tech categories in February, as part of a broader vision to accelerate cutting-edge military…