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After zeroing out procurement, Army now finding aerial jammer to be critical enabler for multi-domain operations


ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. — After facing procurement cuts last year to the Army’s aerial jamming pod, top officials are pleased with the development efforts and are even looking at the platform to be a key part of the service’s so-called deep sensing priority. “I’m really impressed with the MFEW program that the Army has,” Gabe Camarillo, undersecretary of the Army, told reporters Tuesday at Aberdeen Proving Ground regarding the…

Army to begin air-to-ground network extension experimentation


The Army will be conducting experiments to extend its ground forces’ communications capabilities through the air. Past efforts have aimed to improve communications between aircraft and ground units. But this time, the service be looking to put waveforms in their ground communications assets on airborne systems to assess ground extension for mesh networking and thickening of the network. These experiments are part of developing design goals for future communications capability…