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DISA to launch 'Vulcan' DevSecOps program


Vulacan is a continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD) program meant to help spread DevSecOps software development principles and tools across the agency — and potentially wider.

Air Force considering shaking up its software factories


The Air Force is looking at reorganizing its software factories, one of the leaders in the office that oversees them told FedScoop. Among the military services, the Air Force has been particularly keen on software factories, which are tasked with quickly and securely developing and delivering new software for the Department of Defense. The service currently has 16 of them — compared, for example, to the Army’s one — and…

DOD publishes new software modernization strategy, memos on code


The Department of Defense issued a rash of new software policy documents in recent days, including a new Software Modernization Strategy, aimed at speeding up the way the military codes. The strategy, published Wednesday, was accompanied by recent memos on strengthening cybersecurity with a “continuous Authority to Operate” and another on the importance of open-source software. Together, the documents aim to push software closer to the center of how DOD…