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SDA has big plans for a new app factory to aid battle management


The Space Development Agency recently released a draft solicitation for the Battle Management Command, Control, and Communications (BMC3) Application Factory.

Officials hope software factory for Air Force cyber operations squadron could be a retention and recruiting boon


The 90th Cyberspace Operations Squadron is opening up a facility in a corporate space in downtown San Antonio, moving outside the traditionally classified facilities.

DOD still lags in delivering software for weapons systems in a timely manner, says GAO


The Department of Defense still lags behind commercial standards in delivering software for weapons systems despite using agile software development methods, a new report from the Government Accountability Office found. In its annual weapon system assessment, the GAO asserted that despite steps being taken in recent years to modernize its software development and acquisition approach, the majority of major defense acquisition programs and middle-tier acquisition programs reviewed “reported delivering software…