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Army acquisition chief sees autonomy, system hardening as key to overcoming comms challenges in future drone wars


The official says developing hardened platforms with greater autonomy will be critical as drones and counter-drone systems become more ubiquitous.

US more than doubling its commitment of Phoenix Ghost kamikaze drones to Ukraine


The United States has committed to sending an additional 1,100 Phoenix Ghost loitering munitions to Ukraine as part of a new $400 million security assistance package.

'War of the robots' — how the race to acquire drones is shaping the Ukraine-Russia conflict


The nation that can best ramp up production and field these types of platforms in large numbers will have an edge as the war evolves.

AFWERX plans new ‘proving ground’ to accelerate autonomy tech


The head of the new program briefed DefenseScoop on the roots of this work and the innovation hub's ultimate vision.

US Missile Defense Review includes new focus on kamikaze drones, other UAS threats


The new MDR departs from previous iterations of the U.S. strategy document in highlighting the threat posed by unmanned aerial systems.

Point of Origin: What Comes Next in a World of Advanced Tech Gone Global?

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This "useful fiction" story by the authors of Ghost Fleet and Burn-In helps readers visualize how new unmanned technologies, and especially their proliferation to a wide array of state and non-state actors, could lead to both new threats and complicate our understanding of fast-moving crisis scenarios.

Air Force sees opportunities to scale production of drones, software for wars of attrition


Ramping up production and deployment of new autonomous systems and software could be one of the few acquisition options available to the Defense Department to preserve the force and replace combat losses during a future war of attrition, according to a top service official. There has long been concern about the capacity of the Pentagon and defense industrial base to produce platforms and regenerate other capabilities at a rate that…

US to provide ScanEagle drones to Ukraine


A new round of U.S. security assistance for Ukraine, announced Friday, will for the first time include ScanEagle unmanned aerial systems that could be used to locate and target Russian forces. The long-endurance intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) platform is characterized as a Group 2 UAS based on its weight and other characteristics. The platform is about 5 feet in length with a maximum payload weight of 11 pounds, according…

Top commander expects drones strikes against US forces, partners in Africa


American forces in Africa and their partners will likely come under attack by armed drones operated by violent extremist groups in the not-too-distant future, the commander of U.S. Africa Command is warning. Militant organizations in the Middle East have already employed such tactics using modified commercially available systems, Army Gen. Stephen Townsend noted during a meeting with the Defense Writers Group on Thursday. “I don’t know why it is, but…