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Army PEO for Enterprise Information Systems to create new CIO


The new CIO will be the key interface with other organizations focused on digital transformation.

Software-defined warfare: Architecting the DOD’s transition to the digital age

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In this exclusive op-ed, retired Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan and Nand Mulchandani share why the U.S. military needs a new design and architecture, based on technology, to retain its dominance.

Docusign on how to improve digital agreement processes to transform the warfighter experience


Royce Resoso, senior director of industry strategy for Docusign, says that one of the most compelling ways DOD can be more agile and nimble is by removing the friction in its digital agreement processes. He highlights different strategies leaders can take to enable a new digital and secure system that would ultimately transform the warfighter experience.

DOD CIO John Sherman on protecting agency's data and networks


CIO John Sherman shares his insights on the agency's top priorities to improve the security and protection of DOD’s data and networks.

Pentagon’s Hicks puts pressure on new AI office to deliver results


The Pentagon’s new Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO) just achieved full operating capability, and Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks wants it to show clear progress on key initiatives such as Joint All-Domain Command and Control within the next year. The CDAO — a product of a major bureaucrat shakeup at the Pentagon that included the merger of several agencies — is tasked with scaling digital and Al-enabled…